Next Tournament?  

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  1. 1. What modes do you wanna play in next Tournament?

    • Solo's
    • Duo's
    • Trio's
    • Quads

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Hope you all enjoyed our first Warzone Tournament. 

It was a little amateuristically organized, but together we can get better each time we organize another one.

For next tournament we would like to know what kinda tournament you would like to play. 

We opt for a Battle Royal (Solo, Duo, Trio or Quads, instead of a Mini Royal. But we gotta find the people to come and play in it. 

On this topic you can reply with your ideas, so we can work together to get to a better organized Tournament.

We also included a Poll, so we can see what most people would like.


When our tournaments get better, we'll get some prizes included several other challanges for prizes.


Any Questions related to this you can ask here or ask us on Discord.



Kind Regards,

Balkan Clan Administration.

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